VoC provides support & protection for the Street Children

  • Official visit of Mrs. Ban Soon-Taek, wife of UN Secretary- General, Ban Ki-moon in 2008 at Bisaune (Drop-in & Preparation Center) is a huge appreciation and encouragement for VOC. Her invaluable words to VOC's children not to lose hope and aspire for high aims are a significant message for VOC to continue support to children living/working in the street.

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    The Former Princess Himani Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah visited the Socialization Center, Luhboo of VOC in 2011 representing the Himani Trust. She observed the activities of the children and visited the Socialization Center. Himani Shah appreciates the work done by the VOC for the protection, and rehabilitation of the vulnerable street children. She donates the bicycle for the children living in socialization center. Himani Shah is the founder of the organization, Himani Trust which was established on 28th September 2010 with the aim of helping and serving the people of Nepal. It works in the sector of livelihood, children, education, health, senior citizens, environment and natural disasters.



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