VoC provides support & protection for the Street Children & Vulnerable Families


Voice of Children (VOC) is a non-government organization working and advocating for street and sexually abused children of Nepal. It is established in 2000 A.D. with a motive to work for children living/working in the street and sexually abused children. VOC aims to prevent further increase in the number of street children by working with vulnerable families living in urban areas; slums and low-rent areas to empower them and spread awareness as many children come to the street from such families. As VOC believes that family is most important for children, it emphasizes on social reintegration of the children living/working in the street by improving their life skills & capacity for sustainability. It also focus to protect children from any form of sexual abuse by raising awareness on child sexual abuse and offering legal, social and psychological support to sexually abused children & their families.


VOC stands and advocates for the street and sexually abused children to offer them opportunities to develop their full potentials for social reintegration in a caring and protective environment.


VOC envision a society where every child is respected and has equal rights.


Participation of children:

To ensure that children's views are heard and valued while taking decisions on issues that affects them.

Family is most important for all children:

To promote family environment to the children for holistic development by strengthen the capacity of the families for their sustainability.

Open to new ideas and innovation:

To encourage critical reflection on involved course of action, as well as innovation of new concepts, strategies and methodologies to achieve our mission and objectives.

Commitment to foster solidarity in the community:

Our commitment to the most vulnerable communities is based on strengthening their capacities and opportunities as agents of human change. We work towards achieving social, ethnic and gender equality by tackling the causes of poverty and social inequality.




  • To contribute to enhance the capacity of vulnerable families and communities to provide holistic care and protection to children and keep them away from the street.
  • To contribute to provide protection to the children living/working in the street and help them to leave the street life.
  • To contribute to build capacities of the children to analyze their situation and plan for future in a sustainable way.
  • To contribute for sustainable reintegration of children living/working in the street into their family or in to the community.
  • To contribute to reduce child sexual abuse incidences and promote child rights in Nepal.


  • 4 Programs
  • 60 Districts
  • 400 Volunteers
  • 14 Donors

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