Child Helpline 1098 Project –Province 1

Voice of Children (VOC) has been operating Child Helpline 1098 in Province 1 since 2017 in collaboration with the Nepal Government. 1098 is a national toll-free/hot-line number established by the Nepal Government with the aim of the emergency rescue of children who have encountered child rights violation cases. It receives children-related concerns/problems call from across ten different districts and as per the condition of the case, children are rescued and rehabilitated in the temporary rehabilitation centers. VOC has been working with trained staff who provide counseling, support, and manage the registered case in close collaboration with local-level authorities (municipality, ward, and police) and stakeholders. In case of need, VOC has been actively rescuing and providing the required support to children for their protection.

Since its implementation, 3111 calls have been received and registered. In total, 198 children were rescued, and 75 child marriage cases were managed in collaboration with help of the municipality and police department. People can call the helpline number 1098 for any form of advice or counseling as well as to report child protection violations or cases of child abuse.


  • 4 Programs
  • 60 Districts
  • 400 Volunteers
  • 14 Donors

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