Localization of CPMS for child protection in emergency

Child protection is an important part of society however many children are being vulnerable for different reasons i.e. abuse, exploitation, trafficking, disaster, etc. Child protection in emergencies sensitization among community people is very crucial for child protection during emergencies. Sunsari is one of the at-risk districts from the perspective of disasters like floods, colds, wildfires, storms, etc. The overall aim of the project is to contribute to the development of national and district level government plan on child protection and disaster management including strengthening the capacity of local stakeholders and local authorities by promoting and localizing the Child Protection Minimum Standard (CPMS). VOC is a member of the Protection Cluster (Led by the National Child Rights Council that is facilitated by UNICEF Nepal), and in close collaboration with UNICEF, the project is implementing in Sunsari district. The project closely coordinates with national and local District Disaster Management Committee including other related sectors like WASH, Education, and Nutrition to work during emergencies sectors.

Project Activities:

The activities of the project are focused on localizing the Child Protection Minimum Standard (CPMS) under this, CPMS will be translated into Nepali language and disseminated to the local child protection organization. Similarly, IEC materials such as leaflets flyers, posters, and brochures will have developed, printed, and circulated to the local child protection organizations, schools, and other concerned stakeholders. Furthermore, meetings with National/Local Level Disaster Management Committees will be organized to understand their area of expertise and develop an effective plan to implement the project activities. The workshop on CPMS, other associated sectors will be conducted with humanitarian actors to aware of the CPMS, objectives and collaboratively draw the individual work expertise for the implementation of CPMS in every child protection service providing working areas.


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