Awareness & Advocacy

Media Campaigns 

  1. Produce and broadcast radio program on the issue related to child sexual abuse
  2. Develop Public Service Announcement (PSA) to broadcast on radio and television.
  3. Produce and telecast CSA related visual programs such as TV serial, documentary, short movie etc.
  4. Publish CSA related articles in national newspapers and magazines
  5. Publish articles in other CSA related publications
  6. Document case studies properly

Developing Awareness Tools 

  1. Install hoarding board in public flow areas
  2. Display CSA massages on LCD slides shows
  3. Place flex displays to aware on CSA at public places
  4. Distribute posters & pamphlets containing CSA related information



  1. Organize street drama
  2. Participate in children exhibition


  • 4 Programs
  • 60 Districts
  • 400 Volunteers
  • 14 Donors

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