VOC believes that every child should be brought up in a family environment and so this project assists the children to reintegrate into their families and communities. This works simultaneously with families as well as children for successful reintegration. In one side, it enhances the capacity of their families and on the other side works with children to prepare them for social and attitudinal skills. Children are reintegrated in family, community and foster family according to their needs and conditions. The reintegration support is given to the vulnerable families before and/or during the time of children is in the process of reintegration. Such support includes counseling, job training, health care, educational support, and income generation support to the family members to ensure the child placement is feasible, safe, in the child's best interest and sustainable.


The objectives of Reintegration Project are: 

  • To foster better relationships between children and families.
  • To enhance social and attitudinal skills of the children to adapt the changed situation.
  • To enhance the capacity of families to analyze and improve their situation.



  • 4 Programs
  • 60 Districts
  • 400 Volunteers
  • 14 Donors

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