Economic Development

Children who have completed high school, and youth from vulnerable families or who are not interested to join formal school due to their age gap are the target group of this self reliance building program. They are referred to provide professional and technical skills which help to find the way for their future. As Vocational Training is a fundamental part of VOC, it helps youths to gain professional skills that led them to have access to job opportunities and develop a stable socio-economic life. The Job Placement unit provides support to those beneficiaries who have completed the training course and are ready to enter into the job market.


Vocational Training opportunity is provided to the children living in Drop in and Preparation Center especially to those who are not interested to continue their study because of their age gap.  It also involves youth from vulnerable families and sexually abused children. The vocational training program networks with different training centers in order to join them for various training opportunities. Regular follow-up is conducted during their training to know the condition of their progress. Upon the completion of the training program, youth are assisted to job placement opportunities as well.


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  • 60 Districts
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