Socialization Center

The rehabilitation of street children often is a difficult, complex, and long process in case of orphans, traumatized or abandoned children as reintegration is not easy for them. So such children along with other children having family prepare themselves for socialization and self reliant in preparation center established by VOC at Lubhoo in Lalitpur district. This center helps children to prepare them through changing their behaviors which they have adopted in the street. It provides home like environment where children get services like food, accommodation, clothes, health care, legal support, psychosocial counseling & therapy, formal & non formal education etc. In the center, children get involves in recreational activities, life skill trainings, awareness sessions etc. which supports them for their physical, mental and skill development that leads them to become a self dependent and live a dignified life in the society.


How do we work?

Pre-information: Children coming in the Drop in Center get to know about this Preparation Center. After they get refer from Drop in Center, Preparation Center organize a meeting with the children and provide basic information about rules & regulations applies in this center. At that time, an agreement is prepared with basic points to make the children more responsible.

Reception/Welcoming: Children get information and opportunity to visit Preparation Center while in the Drop in Center. After admitted to this center, they are welcomed by organizing introduction session with the previous children and staff to help them adjust in the new environment in an easy way.

Psychosocial and Psychological support: Street children need psychosocial and psychological care to evolve towards more socialized behavioral pattern. This care involves both consultations and walk-in counseling. Qualified and experienced psychologist intervenes for the standardization of mental health process of the children, providing psychotherapy for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder syndrome when required.

Other Services are:

- Health Care 

- Food/Accommodation/Clothes 

- Non Formal Education/Awareness

- Life Skills 

- Recreational Activities 

- Legal Support


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