Case Studies

Nirmal Story: "My dream is to be a businessperson"

Nirmal family had poor economic condition thus they shifted to Kathmandu and were living in slum area with parents & an elder brother. His parents started work as daily wage worker and they couldn’t earn money even to run family expenses. Day by day, relationship between husband and wife became worse and the children became out of care. They were admitted school for study but did not go regular to school. On the way, they used to play and roam around that's how they missed classes. Lastly, Nirmal dropped his study when he was nine years old and ended up on street.

Street Life was not easy enough. "I lived on street for six months. Rag picking in blazing sun in daytime and sleeping with empty stomach in chilly street at night was awful experience. On top of that, I feel down when people used to mistreat and abuse me when I ask for food"

Nirmal knew about VOC and he & his elder brother both went to Drop-In-Center. "Living at VOC was best & fruitful time for me, I met friends, enhance my socialization skills and by the motivation and courage from friends and Social Workers, I decided to continue my study moreover, I could leave habit of chewing smoke". At VOC, he actively participated in daily activities like art & craft, literacy class, games, etc.  He even took responsibility of conducting activities of Child Club such as preparing the wall magazine, organizing games and indoor activities consequently; he built up his confidence and leadership skills gradually.Finally, he reintegrated into his family. After reintegration, he admitted in grade 4 and he did good success in his education. Now, he is in the end of his high school’s education. Besides, he completed mobile phone repairing training and working in a mobile shop and earns by own.

Nirmal would like to carry on this job for knowledge and experience and disclosed that he has a dream to own a Mobile Phone Shop in future and want to be a businessman. Nirmal's family is glad for his achievement that he made in his young age. Nirmal concludes "I am very grateful to VOC for guiding me on right path and supporting for my education. I am confident that I could make my dream come true."


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