Case Studies

Story of Rupesh

Eighteen years old Rupesh Lakhey was born in Shyabun-8 Shankhuwasabha (Hilly Eastern Part of Nepal). He has five members in the family: father, mother and two younger brothers. They have some land in the village but was not sufficient for their living. In search of the work, his family came to Kathmandu when Rupesh was the age of 5.

He admitted to a school and was regular. But due to the frequent room shifing, he could not do well in his education. His parents used to do labor work for a living. After some months his father started to work in a Cloth Shop as a sewing Tailor. The family was happy that the father got a new job. Unfortunately, his mother fell sick and hospitalized for weeks. His father had to take care of his mother at the hospital. Rupesh had dropped the school and there was nobody to care for them all day. Meantime, Rupesh with his younger brothers escaped from home and started living on the street of Jawalakhel Areas. He involved in street activities like begging, sniffing dendrite, rag picking, etc. Living in the street was being habitual for him thus he used to escape from home though his parents took him back.

In 2014 he came in DIC through a social worker. In the beginning, he was reserved does not want to share his problem. He even did not participate in activities rather loved to stay alone. But after some days he got familiar with friends and Social Workers. Rupesh started to open up gradually with the help of discussion and counseling. He referred to the Socialization Center of VOC for the preparation of reintegration with family. In Socialization Center, he willingly participated in recreational activities like NFE classes, Awareness Classes, Drawing, Indoor-Outdoor Games, and Music Class. He developed his confidence and started taking the initiation of leading activities.

Finally, Rupesh made a plan of taking the training of welding with the dream of building a career of Entrepreneur of Workshop. According to his interest, he referred to welding training. During the training period, he gave his best. Now Rupesh has completed the training. The Welding Shop offered a job to Rupesh impressed by his hard work and commitment towards work. He earns monthly 10,000 Rupees. He is very happy as he is earning on his own and supporting his family. He is grateful towards the Voice of Children for guiding him for self-sustainable life.


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