Case Studies

SHG Changed My Life : Maniya Devi

Maniya Devi Risidev is 35, and a member of Radhakrisna Self Help Group (SHG). She has 5 family members; 2 sons, a daughter, and a husband. Her younger son and daughter are studying while the elder son helps her with the household activities including agriculture. She doesn't have any substantial land or property. Both the husband and wife depend on daily wage work for a living.

Maniya Devi once decided to leave the SHG providing a reason of being uninterested in saving money. After some months, she joined the group again. Now, she has been regularly saving money as per SHG’s policies.

Prior to joining SHG, she says she felt an uneasiness due to her not having an idea of Rural Municipality and Ward Office services. Through the facilitation of SHG, Maniya received training on loan mobilisation, sex and gender, and goal-setting training.

Now, Maniya Devi’s socio-economic condition has changed for the better and she has set up her individual goals; to buy land and vegetable farm for family income. During the COVID-19 lockdown, VOC provided cauliflower seeds. She cultivated cauliflower on a small piece of land she owns. She grew vegetables and sold them. She took a loan of Rs 8,000 from SHG and planted cauliflower and again got success in farming. Incredibly, Minaya Devi’s hard work paid off. In total, she has invested Rs. 20,000 and sold them at Rs. 80,000, resulting to a good earned profit from vegetable farming.

Maniya says she is glad and confident as now she also has some knowledge of business. She has also shown participation in a week long training about business awareness organized by the Dewanganj Rural Municipality. Through her diligence, she continues to achieve her goals. Now she has a dream to buy land and stay happily. Maniya Devi’s family members continue to provide the support she needs regularly.  


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