Case Studies

Sugni Story “My kids are excited having new school uniform”

Thirty five years old Sugni is a resident of Dewanganj Municipality, Sunsari (nearby India Boarder). She is a house wife and take care children. She has five family members: husband, two sons and a daughter. Her husband works as a carpenter while the income of her husband is hard enough to manage family’s need such as food, clothes, school expenses of kids, etc. Sugni did not have any idea about the group and activities related to Woman Group before and involved as member of group.

In Nov. 2018, Sugni became a member of Chandani Self Help Group (SHG) facilitated by VOC. She is an active member of SHG and regularly participating in meeting and training moreover she has started weekly saving in the group. Before, she used to get worried about how to manage the uniform for children. However, being a member of saving group she found out the opportunity of releasing loan by which she bought school uniforms for her three children. “I feel privileged being a member of Chandani Self Help Group and do weekly saving. Chadani SHG has provided an opportunity to take a loan in need to us. I took little loan to buy new school uniform for my children and my kids are excited having new uniform and regularly attending school.  

Sugni now has planned to do some income generating activities by taking loan from Chandani SHG. "I have gained confidence than before in terms of income management further I have built up my skills on economic, political and social aspects”. Sugni wishes that her children could do better in study and have bright future though she could not study after primary level. Sugni is thankful to VOC for orienting about Self Help Group and provide courage to be a member of group.


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