17 years old, Santosh is from Nuwakot. When he was studying at class 3 in his village school, then he escaped due to not interest in study, poor economic condition in family, lack of take care and influence by friends. 

In 2011 AD, he escaped from family and came in Kathmandu. He worked in a hotel and after one month he came in the street. He has spent 2 years in street by doing street activities like begging, rag picking and thieving. In 2014 Feb, Santosh came in VOC’s Drop-In-Center.

After that, he referred in Preparation Center and he had problems like not speak openly, instable, not good relation with family, stay alone, not attach with friends, etc. After the individual discussion, psychosocial counseling and participating in the activities of center, his behaviors changed gradually. After this, he actively participated in educational classes, awareness and recreational activities, drawing and indoor games. He learnt to play football and marshal art. He developed the good relation with friend and family.

From August 2015, he started 9 months’ Welding Training and completed with good performance. He is working in a Colony in Nuwakot and stays with his family.  His family hasn't own house but they have few land for cultivation. Mother is housewife who take care the children and cattle. There are 7 members in family.

Now, he earns Rs. 8,000 in average per month. He feels that he has changed his life and also grateful by taking opportunities on time. He supports to his family also for food and younger brothers and sisters. Santosh and his parents are thankful to VOC and supports.

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