16 years old Prabin Khadka is from Dolakha (150 KM far from Kathmandu). His father expired on 2004 AD when he was 4 years old. There were 8 members in his family (Mother, 3 elder sisters, 2 elder brothers, 1 younger brother and himself). After his father expired, they faced problems like no income sources, no ideas to manage family, difficult to pay school fee, etc. They had land in village but not enough for cultivation.

The family migrated in Kathmandu for better income and life. They couldn’t get good work and they had problem to pay room rent and food. Prabin started to study in class 1 but later he became irregular. Once, he met a friend who was connected to the street activities. He also started to stay street at day time leaving the school and night he used to go his room. He had problems in the family like no care problem to eat, congested room for living, violence from elder brother, etc. In street, he learnt smoking, glue sniffing and stealing. Step by step, he stopped study and lived totally in street. He used to beg money, collect the garbage and stealing materials in the street.

In March 2012, he rescued and stayed in Drop-in-Center (DIC) but he dropped-out from DIC also. In November 2012 he came again, and stayed regularly. He improved his behaviors and interested for further development, that’s why he referred in Socialization Center. He improved his restless, fighting & aggressive behaviors. He participated in NFE class, awareness class, drawing, indoor game, outdoor game & kitchen activities. He was interested to take Welding Training and completed. He had good performance according to the training center.

He has good attachment with his family. Now, his 3 elder sisters got married, one elder brother working in dairy factory, 1 elder brother is working in sculptor cleaning and 1 younger brother is studying. Prabin is working in Welding Workshop and earn NRS. 8000.00 per. month. His mother and brothers are happy in his progress. Prabin says, ‘I feel proud to be an example of success through Voice of Children and its supporters’.

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