Sumitra Kusle got married at the age of 14 and and gave birth a baby girl at the age of 17. She stopped her study and shifted to Kathmandu from village with her daughter and husband for better work. Her husband started to do labor work but her husband's wages was very low to sustain. As Sumitra and her husband were from poor family; they do not have any properties so they do lot of hardship in Kathmandu. Sometimes they went through relationship problem between husband and wife because of poverty. 

She contacted with the VOC's Family Development Program (FDP) through which she got counseling and participated in group discussion conducted in social center.FDP referred her for sewing training through Economic Development Program in March 2014. She completed the training with good performance in Jan 2015. After that, her mother supported to buy a Sewing Machine and she started to stitch the clothes taking from garment factory in her room. Her husband has started own entrepreneurship as whole seller of and earns NRs. 15,000\- month. Sumitra also earns monthly Rs. 7000\- in average. She has planned to take Advance Sewing training and start own tailoring shop. Sumitra says, “I am being skillful and earning for family especially for my daughter and I am thankful to VOC for providing the training and build my capacity.

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