VOC conducts different workshops including its diverse stakeholders like:

  • Parents/ Families

      VOC focuses on capacity building of parents, families and caregivers too. It conducts workshops for parents/caregivers to help them  identify CSA and the

      procedure to report cases and access assistance.

  • Teachers

       VOC also facilitates whole day teacher’s training related to CSA in coordination with District Education officer (DEO), Resource Person, Resource Centre, etc.

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs):

       VOC has been conducting workshops for ISPs in coordination withNepal Telecom Authority (NTA) and Internet Service Providers Association Nepal (ISPAN).

  • Government Officials

       VOC conducts various  workshops for the government bodies that are working in the sector of child protection like Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB), District

       Child Welfare Board (DCWB), etc.

  • Hoteliers

       VOC facilitates different workshops for hoteliers in coordination Hoteliers Association Nepal (HAN) and Traveller’s Association Nepal (TAN) in order to increase

       awareness related to CSA in hotel industry.

  • Nepal Police and Journalists

       VOC conducts workshops with Nepal Police and Journalists to create awareness to provide assistance to the victims ethically and also help to prevent the issues of

       CSA and SECO.

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