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Assessing and Understanding the Risk: Sexual Exploitation of Children Online in Nepal 2017, Ecpact Luxembourg and Voice of Children

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children Online

The vulnerability of children to sexual abuse and exploitation online is amplified today by the ultra-rapid expansion and easy accessibility of the internet as well as third and fourth generation mobile telephones. For many children, the internet and mobile phones are familiar objects, almost constants in their lives and they are able to move with ease and fluidity between real and the virtual world.

There is no doubt that the internet offers ample opportunities to children in terms of enhancing educational performance or inclusion in the social media. However, it also exposes them to risks beyond the limits of age or of geographical boundaries. Children are at risk of finding their photos shared online, of being groomed by adult sex offenders for holding sex chats online, of being sexually abused online or of cyber bullying.

According to Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Nepal, with a total population of around 28 million, to date 11 million internet users representing an internet access rate of almost 40%.

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