VoC provides support & protection for the Street Children & Vulnerable Families

  • Annual Report FY 2071/072

    June 2015

    "This Annual Report provides a snapshot of the results achieved by Voice of Children and the impact of its interventions on improving the lives of street children and vulnerable families. Voice of Children has been effectively working for the benefit of street children, vulnerable families and sexually abused children since its inception fourteen years ago". - President of VOC

  • Annual Report 2014 (FY 2070/071)

    June 2014

    "This Annual report gives an overview of the noteworthy highlights of the activities and achievements of VOC. Like the past years, 2014 has proved to be a productive year for our organization."-Director of VOC

  • Social Audit Report, 2071

    Dec 2014

    Social audit is a relatively newly emerged qualitative tool in development practice in Nepal but which is gaining acceptance by Government. The Right to Information Act 2056 (2008) incorporates social audits. Many national and international civil society organizations have also applied this process as a means of undertaking on-going performance evaluations of their programs in presence of local communities and right holders for many years.

  • Annual Report 2017 (FY 073/074)

    June 2017

    The Fiscal Year Report 073/74 provides the information regarding the activities carried out and the achievement of the Fiscal Year period.

  • Annual Report 2016 (FY 2072/073)

    June 2016

  • Annual Report 2018 (FY 2074/075)

    June 2018

  • Annual Report 2019 (FY 2075/76)

    June 2019

  • VOC Annual Report 2020

    February 2021


  • 4 Programs
  • 60 Districts
  • 400 Volunteers
  • 14 Donors

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