Earthquake Project

Earthquake Support Project is an additional project of Voice of Children which has started after the disastrous earthquake fall on 25th April 2015 with the objective of helping vulnerable earthquake affected children and families. VOC started the project from the month of November, 2015. The working areas of the project are Lalitpur and Ramechhap district. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to provide support to the children and women victims of earthquake and protect them from further hazardous situation.

This project aims to support to the victim of earthquake by providing basic needs such as; food, shelter, drinking water, medicine, blankets, clothes etc. It also focuses on providing nutritious food for pregnant & lactating women and children. It prioritizes more on women and children who are severely affected by this calamity. The severely affected children and families living in the most affected area are assessed and provided immediate relief as per their need. It provides psychosocial counseling to the families and children in order to help them to cope with the trauma. At the same, awareness sessions on child sexual abuse prevention, child rights & child protection and child friendly activities are conducted to protect children from such havoc condition.

Objectives of the Project:

  1. To provide support to fulfill basic needs of earthquake victims. 
  2. To contribute to encourage them for establishing a regular life in sustainable way.
  3. To help the victim to cope the trauma through psychosocial counseling and build their capacities through awareness classes.

Activities under the project:

  • Conduct victim's need assessment and distribute materials as per their need;
  • Provide nutritious food and first aid materials to needy children & families;
  • House to house visit to follow up the living condition of targeted family;
  • Provide food, accommodation, psychosocial counseling, child friendly activities etc. to the children rehabilitate in Preparation Center.
  • Coordination with CCWB, DCWB, municipality, other like-minded organizations to provide service to the target beneficiaries.
  • Conduct psychosocial support to the needy children and families;
  • Organize and spread awareness on child rights, health and sanitation, disaster risk management;
  • Organize child friendly activities for the children to help them come out of trauma;
  • Coordinate with local/community school to support children to continue their study;
  • Inform and refer target beneficiaries to Government agencies/other service providers to receive available services such as; health, education, vocational training, financial support/compensation etc. provided by them;


  • 4 Programs
  • 60 Districts
  • 400 Volunteers
  • 14 Donors

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