Program Against Child Sexual Abuse

Cultural and religious supported gender based violence in general and child sexual abuse in particular is widely prevalent in all part of Nepal. There is limited information available as few studies have been conducted in the areas of child sexual abuse and exploitation. And cases of sexual abuse are significantly prevalent among adolescents and children as around 30% of street children were victim of the worst form of sexual abuses, 70% were exposed to different forms of pornography (CPCS-VOC 2008).

This program runs campaigns and awareness session to aware children, their families and concerned authorities & stakeholders on child sexual abuse. This program aims to raise awareness on child sexual abuse, and protect children from sexual abuse and reduce such incidents in the future. This program has three major areas of working which includes; awareness and advocacy, capacity building, and rescue victim of child sexual abuse. Training & workshops on child sexual abuse and capacity building program is organized to stakeholders including teachers, police, doctors etc. On the other hand, the major activity of this program is to support on rescue and rehabilitation of abused children. It provides psychosocial, legal and other essential support to the children & their families.

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