Self Help Family Project

Self Help Family Project is implementing by VOC-Itahari in two rural areas of Sunsari: Dewanganj and Ghadi Rural Municipality lies near to India boarder. It is a project supported by Kindernot Hielf e. V Germany. The total population of these rural municipalities is 69,925 and 53.5% are woman including 13,400 households according to the district profile of Sunsari based on 2011 national census of Nepal.

Before designing the project, VOC had consulted with women group members and conducted Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to find out the problem and the real need of the targeted areas. As per the findings by consultation and FGD, in these selected municipalities, there are vulnerable women including single & women with disabilities (WwD) having problems such as low socio-economic status, no access in existing services, lack of awareness/education, low income sources, domestic violence, child marriage & dowry system, children drop-out from school, etc. This project is targeted on building capacity of vulnerable women on three pillars; social, economic and political aspect through income generation, empowerment and leadership. Objectives of Project: • To develop the psycho-social well-being and self-esteem of women by identifying their strength as well as resilience combating against gender violence; • To enhance the leadership skills of the women and assist to access for getting their rights by building their decision making capacity and self-awareness; • To increase the socioeconomic status of vulnerable women for self-sustainability;

Activities under Project:

1. Formation of Self Help Group (SHG)

Women of most vulnerable community will be oriented about the benefits of Self Help Approach and Self Help Group will be formed in the involvement of these women. Self Help Group will conduct meeting in a weekly basis and do saving credit activities. They will involve in capacity building activities on the social, political and economic issues.

2. Saving & Credit Activity

SHGs start the saving in their group from their income and the saving money mobilizes for the micro-credit purpose to initiate the income generation activities according to their need and capacity.

3. Capacity Building of SHGs

The team develops the capacities of SHG by organizing the workshops and trainings on life skills, budget management, entrepreneurship development, leadership skills, and other related issues on the women development etc. Meanwhile VOC supports to the SHGs members for the psycho-social counseling, health recovery, life skills support etc. to develop their self-esteem.

4. Formation of Child Club and Child Protection Committee

Child Club and Child Protection Committee will be formed in the community and school by which children will build their capacity on various child rights and protection issues and strengthen their leadership skills. Children of vulnerable women will engage in Child Club activities.


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