This is a flexible and adoptable service center for children living or working in the street which opens 24 hrs a day located in Gwarko, Lalitpur. It aims to provide them immediate needs such as psychosocial care, first aid, food, shelter, clothes etc. In order to motivate such children towards leaving their street life it introduces a friendly and fun environment in the center by organizing recreational and creative activities. Social worker listens to children properly to make them feel comfortable and help to create opportunities for them in order to move towards a dignified social life. Children coming into this center are referred to socialization center if they show their interest to abandon street life and adopt family life.


How do we work?


Reception/Welcoming: The center welcomes children to provide any services available there at any time and are free to participate in any activities. There are no any boundaries where they can come just to sleep, only for meal, only for bath or only for play etc. As the children have equal flow inside the center and outside in the street they inform other children in the street about this center and motivate them to come in this center.


Psychosocial care/support/counseling: If a child shows a typical behavior or has severe psychosocial problem, social worker refers to psychologist for intensive individual counseling. In such case, psychologist deals with the problem faced by children that help to cope with the anxiety and depression caused by their traumatic experience and they begin rebuilding their self esteem and confidence.


Health care: At the Welcome Center first aid service is available for 24 hrs to all children. Health check-up and treatment is provided to those children who are sick and needs treatment. If they require a higher medical attention they are referred to nearby hospital or private health clinic.


Shelter (accommodation, food & clothes): In order to meet the immediate needs & protection of street children, the center provides food, accommodation, and clothes. While food and accommodation is available to all the children who visits welcome center, but clothes are only provided to those who regularly stay at the center.


Non formal education/awareness: This activity enables street children to develop their knowledge on nutrition, hygiene, drug abuse, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS prevention, as well as develop skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


Recreational activities: The center offers different kinds of indoor and outdoor recreational activities in order to develop physical, mental, psychosocial and emotional wellbeing of children. These activities are crucial to keep children engaged in the center and make them avoid their street life.


Family tracing: While children start to visit this center, with the consensus of children, the social worker refers the case to reintegration team. The reintegration team conducts family tracing and assessment in order to ensure the existing family relationship and find out the reason that led children to the street which ultimately helps to address the problem effectively.


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  • 60 Districts
  • 400 Volunteers
  • 14 Donors

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