Child Development

Besides family development, children development is also concerned side for the prevention. Children need to have knowledge of their rights and should know the importance of their family for their well development. But they do not easily understand unless they are motivated and informed by doing certain activities with their own involvement. So, children are participated in set of activities after school i.e. recreational, health, education, vocational training, counseling, tutoring, arts and culture etc. Each of the social centers is running remedial class, awareness activities, recreational activities and parents & child activities each day in a week from Tuesday to Friday.

How do we work?

Child friendly and awareness raising activities: Child/youth friendly activities are implemented to supports and facilitate the physical, mental and social development of vulnerable children/youths. It has provided non-formal education for children out of school, remedial courses for children with learning difficulties, and awareness raising activities on hygiene, substance/drug abuse, nutrition, HIV-AIDS prevention, child rights and protection, child sexual abuse etc. Child Club is established in each of the project area through which children are initiating themselves for innovative ideas. Some of the Child Club has started Child Development Kazana which is a mini cooperative concept where children deposit certain money by cutting off their tiffin cost in a daily basis. This helps to develop saving habits among the children and the collected amount will be helpful for the future purpose.   


Formation of Child Protection Committee: In the project areas, we orient parents, teachers, children and other stakeholders on child protection and the role of different stakeholders in protecting and promoting the rights of children in general children and vulnerable children. In order to establish a permanent structure in the community for child protection, we form child protection committees at school and community as appropriate. There is participation of teachers, parents and other stakeholders in such committee. Furthermore, the equal participation of both girls and boys is also ensured in those committees. The committee collects the issues of child rights violation and addresses those problems. In order to regularize the committee, a guideline of child protection committee is also developed.


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