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VoC provides support & protection for the Street Children & Vulnerable Families

  • Child Right Fund


    Child Right Fund is a foundation and non-profit organization which aims at fighting against the exploitation of children. It mainly focuses on three key issues; child slavery, prostitution and violence. Child Right works in the field to free children from various forms of human rights abuse and coordinates a thorough rehabilitation process. As a part of comprehensive rescue effort, it aid in the post-traumatic stress associated with the children and make every effort to reunite them with their family or to place them in a carefully selected home. As a part of rehabilitation process, the children are educated to ease their reintegration into society and to provide them with the tools to be self sufficient. Child Right Fund is active in every continent. It is supporting Voice of Children for rehabilitation of sexually victim and vulnerable children in Nepal from the year 2011.

  • Danish Embassy

    Lazimpat, Kathmandu

    Danish Embassy has been funding PACSA, one of the projects of VOC since 2009 of January. The funds have been mostly used for CSA media campaigning or media hub which includes drama broadcasting through television or radios, informational advertisement regarding child sexual abuse and prevention and hoarding boards.

  • EveryChild

    United Kingdom

    EveryChild is an international development organisation working to ensure that girls and boys enjoy the right to a childhood in a permanent, safe and caring household, free from poverty, violence and exploitation. EveryChild do this by working in partnership with civil society organisations promoting and supporting effective interventions that protect children outside of parental care (or at risk or loosing parental care) and ultimately reduce the number of girls and boys who live apart from their parents or without appropriate alternative care. EveryChild is supporting Voice of Children for "Foster family as an alternative care for children without parental care in Kathmandu, Nepal" from the year 2012.



    Sentinelles started to work in Nepal focusing on children who imprisoned or abandoned, victim of paedophiles and handicapped since 1996 in order to keep them out of harms, look after them and help them to rebuild their lives. It has been supporting VOC since 2006.

  • International Childcare Trust

    United Kingdom

    International Childcare Trust (ICT) - aims to protect the rights of the world's poorest and most marginalized children. It works for the children throughout the world who have lost one of both parents, suffer from ill-health and malnutrition, experience neglect or abuse at home, or have to work to support the family income and also for others who are pushed to the margins of society due to the stigma and discrimination associated with having a disability and many of these children find themselves living in squalid slums or on the streets where they are vulnerable to harassment, abuse, exploitation and premature death. VOC has been partner of ICT since 2013 to work extensively for vulnerable children and families who are mainly living in street and slum areas.

  • Child Rescue Nepal


    Child Rescue Nepal Child Rescue Nepal frees children from slavery in Nepal, it estimates that there are almost 100000 child slaves working in hazardous situations. These children are extremely vulnerable and often suffer from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. CRN rescues children keep them safe and reunite them with their families. Child Rescue Nepal has rescued 700 children but our work is far from over. It wants to end child slavery in Nepal and won't stop until every child is free.

  • Consortium for Street Children


    The Consortium for Street Children is a global network that exists to give street children a voice promote their rights and improve their lives. It does this through focus on Advocacy, Research and Development. Consortium for Street Children, UK had contributed on Street Children Program of VOC in 2017.

  • Leger Foundation


    The mission of LEGER FOUNDATION is to support innovative community based initiatives in Quebec and elsewhere to improve the well-being of vulnerable and marginalized persons, at home and abroad. The foundation bases its action on solidarity and humanist values and is non denominational. Leger Foundation is supported VOC on Strengthen Break the Silence network established for the protection of children in Nepal through training on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse(CSA), School Orientation Program and Development of CSA Materials.


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