VOC Conducted Social Audit

VOC conducted its Social Audit of the fiscal year 2070/071 among its board members, staffs, beneficiaries (children and families), representatives from different social organizations, partners, supporters, stakeholders and governmental & non-governmental officials on 4th December 2014, Thursday in SAP Falchha, Babarmahal. VOC has been conducting the social audit since last year for the transparency of the programs run by VOC to increase the accountability and to internalize issue among the stakeholders. At the same, it is important to collect feedback in order to make the improvements where needed for the development of the organization. The program, facilitated by Mr. Hansha Raj Joshi, started with the introduction of the guests and a welcome speech by Mr. Raju Ghimire, the Technical Advisor of VOC. Followed by the presentation on "Organizational Governance and Programs of VOC" by Mr. Krishna K. Thapa, the director of VOC and the presentation on "Financial Status of the Organization" by Mr. Gopal Dulal, the Treasurer of VOC, the accountabilities were justified by answering public questions and verifications from the audiences.

Chief Guest of the program, Mr. Dilli Ram Giri, the chairperson of Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB), congratulated VOC for conducting social audit and he also emphasized that CCWB is always willing to work in coordination with VOC. Also, he declared that CCWB shall help the children without birth certificates and citizenship to take essential trainings for their self sustainability. Another guest of the program, Mr. Rabindra Kumar, the member Secretary of Social Welfare Council, on his speech during the program said that what VOC has been doing for the welfare of the street children and vulnerable families is praise worthy. He also made it clear that it was his first time attending the social audit conducted by a NGO as there is no trend of doing so among the INGOs and NGOs in Nepal. Similarly, the presence of Ms. Marie Teissier, country representative of EED, Mr. Nirmal Bhandari, Program Quality Manager of EED and Mr. Ashok Shrestha, Senior Officer of Social Welfare Department of Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City was remarkable.  The 3 hours long program ended with the closing speech of Mr. Puran Shakya, the president of VOC. He thanked all the participants for their valuable presence and active participation.


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