Understanding Psychological First Aid and Caring for yourself and others

CLARISSA Nepal team is collecting life stories of children working as child labor, especially in Adult Entertainment Sector (AES). During the story collection process, they encounter children having psychological and mental health problems due to various traumas children have been through. The COVID-19 pandemic has added one layer of vulnerability to those children as many of them have lost their jobs. As an impact of this pandemic, many children working in AES have developed mental health problems. Understanding psychosocial state of the children and self and work with such children implicitly, VOC CLARISSA organized workshop collaborating with Samatha Foundation (an organization that provides psychosocial and counseling services). The workshop was facilitated by Psychologist, Ms. Hasana Shrestha and Ms. Anita Prajapati of Samata Foundation.

The first half was about learning PFA, when, to whom it is required, where and how to conduct and do's and don'ts followed by some group activities. The second half too had group activities and was more focused on taking care of own self and others. The workshop has generated a learning among participants that controlling own emotions while doing PFA, understanding crisis and responding accordingly. The workshop helped understand the mental state of people traumatized by crisis, either natural or manmade. Twenty-seven CLARISSA Nepal members were participated in the workshop. The one day workshop was concluded with the closing remarks by the project Country Coordinator, Sudhir Malla.


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