VOC celebrated International Day for Street Children

Voice of Children celebrated International Day for Street Children with organizing the recreational program in the premises of Socialization Center, Lubhoo. The program was organized by the Child Development Club of VOC. The aim of the program was provide refreshment to children and share the importance of the day with recreational activities and fun. Children were happy to perform their talents such as singing, dancing, citing poems, presenting skills of judo/karate etc. Children enjoyed the program and share their happiness of the day to each other. The President of VOC Mr. Puran Shakya shared the importance of the day and wishes all the best to children for their bright future.

There were participation of 143 children from Drop In Center, Socialization Center, Reintegration Program, Family Development Program and Community Child Clubs including program staff. Program was started at 1:00 PM and packed up at 4:00 PM.


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