Festival Celebration

Child Club of VOC organized Dashain Program on the occasion of Dashain on 21st September 2017 in the premises of Socialization Center, Lubhu. The program was conducted to provide knowledge about Nepalese big festival Dashain, exchange greetings and make good bond with the staff and children. Children of Socialization Center, Drop-In-Center, Reintegration Program and Family Development Program were gathered in the program for celebration. Children did emcee of the program, performed dance, songs, poems, etc. Altogether 185 participants enjoyed the program. Children were very happy to have a gift at the end of the program. The program was packed up after having delicious food and sharing good wishes of Dashain. Similarly Dashain and Tihar festival were celebrated in DIC and SC on 30th September, day of Dasami and 21st October, day of Vhai Tika respectively. Social Workers offered tika and jamara to the children as celebrating Dashain and colorful tika was offered to children celebrating Tihar. 


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