Training on Child Protection

The 3 days long training was conducted on 27th 28th and 29th January 2017 in different rural VDCs of Lalitpur District. The first training held on 27th January was for VCPC (Village Child Protection Committee) member of 3 VDCs, Thuladurlung, Chandanpur and Kaleshwor and second was for VCPC member of Manikhel, Bukhel and Gotikhel VDCs whereas the third day training was for teacher of those 6 VDCs. In Child Protection training, there were 22/22 participants from VCPC where as in the last day training, there were participation of 24 teachers from 6 VDCs. The 3 days training become fruitful for the committee members and teachers as they gained knowledge of child rights, child protection mechanism and child sexual abuse in detail.


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