Orientation to Community Police on CSAP

VOC organized orientation to community police about child sexual abuse on 16th July 2014. There were 32 participants in the program from the in-charge of different community police service in Kathmandu. The objective of the program was to share ideas on the role of police and build up coordination to minimize the incident of child sexual abuse. The program was also focused to share information to the police on what techniques can be used to cope with the sexually abused children when they have such cases and how children are sexually harassed & abused through the use of technology or internet.

Similarly, one day workshop for Sanepa Resource Center Based School's teachers is going to be held on 18th July 2014 as a regular program of VOC with an objective to aware and sensitizes beneficiaries and stakeholders on child sexual abuse prevention. This program aims to acknowledge children with safe and protective environment with the help of teachers. 


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