Case Studies

Susma's Story

Susma got married in her teenage, 14 and gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 17. Then, she discontinued her study and shifted to Kathmandu from the village with her daughter and husband in search of a job. Her husband started doing a labor work in the construction sector, but the income was not enough to fulfill their daily needs. Both husband and wife did a lot of hardship in Kathmandu. They even faced unstable marital relationships because of the pathetic economic situation. Susma states “We used to quarrel and argue each day and there was no peace in the family”

She got in touch with the team of VOC's Family Development Program (FDP) and disclosed the problem she went through. There she received psychosocial counseling by the Social Workers. “The counseling and guidance provided by FDP Social Worker helped to strengthen my confidence and take a decision on choosing the right vocational training where I can do better”. In March 2014, VOC/FDP provided support to Susma in the enrollment of sewing training in coordination with the Economic Development Program (EDP) following, she successfully completed the training in January 2015. Likewise, her mother as well bought a Sewing Machine for her then she started stitching the clothes of a garment factory in her room by which she earned monthly 7000 rupees. Besides, her husband also began own business and did well on it. Susma is satisfied with the progress her husband and she made because of the help of VOC and thanked VOC for support and guidance. She has planned to take an advance course on Sewing and start own tailoring shop. She is now confident enough and says; “Now I am capable to provide better parenting to my child”. 


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