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Voice of Children (VOC) has been working with children living/working in the street focusing to rescue, rehabilitate, and then reintegrate them into their families & communities by improving their life skills & capacity for their self sustainability.
VOC also works with the families living in urban poor/slum areas to empower and develop their capacity in order to prevent their children coming in the streets. It raises awareness on child sexual abuse and rescue victims offering legal, social and psychological support to them and their families.

News & Events

VOC Stall at Teej Festival

VOC reserved stall on the occasion of Teej Festival at United World Trade Center (DECC Hall), Tripureshwor, from July 23 to July 27. In this fi...

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Orientation to Community Police on CSAP

VOC organized orientation to community police about child sexual abuse on 16th July 2014. There were 32 participants in the program from the in...

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Support to the victim of Child Sexual Abuse

A sexual abuse case of child came to VOC office from one school through phone call. The school informed VOC about the abuse of a 12 year girl and r...

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